Business portfolio

What motivated me most to start my sharpening business were learner hairdressers. The very first thing you realise when becoming a hairdresser, is how expensive scissors and equipment can be.

The sure thing about scissors is that it becomes blunt, or damaged at some stage. It is at this stage that learners often make the wrong choices in their purchase of scissors, not suited for their needs or which cannot be effectively maintained.

Young hairdressers soon learn the value of a good pair of scissors and the importance of keeping it well maintained. It is for this reason that I have decided to start my sharpening business.

The aim of my business is to provide an affordable technical support system to hairdressers, and make it easier for them to live their career.

This will include the following services:

An efficient and professional sharpening service with as little delay as possible.

Advice and guidance in the maintenance of their equipment.

Advice in the purchase of scissors and equipment most suitable to their needs.

A personalised service and consultation with clients before and after sharpening servcices.

To render the best possible service to all.

What we specialise in

The sharpening of clipper blades and scissors used in the hairdressing, beauty, pet grooming, surgical and hunting industries.

We also cater for specialised tools and shears in the fabric and dressmaking industry.

More and more shears are Japanese style Hamaguri which are convex edged. We specialise in creating the exact same edge when sharpening.